This dataset contains financial data for Something New, as machine-readable Open Data.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Something New
James Smith


Name Schema Data Download
2017 Lichfield (Staffordshire County Council) campaign finances finances View CSV
2015 Horsham campaign finances finances View CSV
2015 South West Surrey campaign finances finances View CSV
National Party finances finances View CSV



ID Title Description Type Required
buyer Buyer Who paid for the transaction; payments made by individuals are considered loans to be reimbursed by the party string true
buyer_uri Buyer URI URI to uniquely identify the buyer anyURI false
supplier Supplier The supplier of the product or service string true
supplier_uri Supplier URI URI to uniquely identify the supplier anyURI false
currency Currency ISO 4217 currency code string true
total_charged Total charged In original currency, including taxes float false
amount Amount Transaction amount in GBP, including VAT float true
vat VAT paid Amount of VAT paid float true
balance Balance Balance of account float true
date Date The date the cost was incurred, not when it was paid date true
description Description string false
unspsc_code UNSPSC code United Nations Standard Products and Services Code - string true
ec_category Electoral Commission spending category Spending category A-F as defined in string false
transaction_reference Transaction reference Supplier's invoice number or ID string false


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