Media Coverage

Something New has being covered by various media outlets, and a number of online blogs. This is a list of articles that have been published so far:

Today programme - at 1:50 Radio 4 10 February 2018
Birmingham’s ‘People Power’ Movement Wants To Turn Europe’s Biggest Council Upside Down HuffPost 09 February 2018
Lichfield city centre business to host coffee with a candidate event ahead of by-election Lichfield Live 09 February 2018
New political movement wants your help to ‘shake up’ Birmingham City Council BirminghamLive 07 February 2018
These candidates are standing in Lichfield district and city council by-elections BirminghamLive 07 February 2018
Lichfield by-election candidate insists he wants to listen to voters rather than imposing his views Lichfield Live 03 February 2018
General election 2017: Unusual manifesto pledges BBC News 07 June 2017
Britain’s smallest parties: Meet Something New Press Association 03 June 2017
Candidates grilled on Brexit and school funding West Sussex County Times 01 June 2017
Partly Political Broadcast - Episode 62 Partly Political Broadcast 30 May 2017
Manifesto Of The People Linux Format #223 01 May 2017
Horsham Cycle Debate – full report Horsham District Cycling Forum 28 April 2017
Election candidates quizzed on creating safe space for cycling West Sussex County Times 27 April 2017
London Mayor election 2016: Runners, riders and candidates to be the next Boris Johnson The Telegraph 15 June 2015
London mayor election 2016: Zac Goldsmith v Sol Campbell The Week 09 June 2015
How to Stop Gentrification in London: What We Can Learn from Spain’s New Rebel Mayors Vice 27 May 2015
Housing Campaigner Running for Mayor of London Landlord News 19 May 2015
New Era campaigner Lindsey Garrett to stand in London mayoral race Hackney Citizen 18 May 2015
I don’t want to be London mayor, but who else will do what needs to be done? The Guardian 15 May 2015
Campaigner wants to swim with big fish Morning Star 15 May 2015
Housing campaigner runs for London Mayor Landlord Today 15 May 2015
New Era Estate campaigner Lindsey Garrett joins the fight to become next London Mayor Housing Excellence 14 May 2015
Campaigner who fought housing evictions to stand in mayoral race ITV News 14 May 2015
New Era estate campaigner Lindsey Garrett to run for Mayor of London 13 May 2015
Opinion: James Smith: Something New candidate for Horsham West Sussex County Times 01 May 2015
5 reasons to vote for Something New Student Money Saver 30 April 2015
ELECTION 2015: Horsham - James Smith (Something New) West Sussex Gazette 29 April 2015
More than 300 attend general election hustings at Horsham church West Sussex Gazette 24 April 2015
Election 2015: Meet your South West Surrey constituency candidates Get Surrey 21 April 2015
Something New for science Campaign for Science and Engineering 16 April 2015
General Election 2015 All About Horsham 10 April 2015
Horsham election candidate takes part in Leaders’ Debate West Sussex County Times 07 April 2015
Crowdfunding Politics – a word from the front line… Crowdfunder Blog 07 April 2015
Something New for #GE2015 UK General Election 2015 Blog 04 March 2015
OpenPolitics: ‘Wikipedia-like’ manifesto lets YOU decide the agenda Mancunian Matters 02 March 2015
Opinion: Open Ended Promises The District Post 27 February 2015
Open Source Politics with James Smith from the Something New party Parties on the Fringe 20 February 2015
Time for Something new? Filibuster (was Whippersnapper) 30 January 2015
Election hopeful to hold series of ward meetings West Sussex County Times 15 January 2015
Something New for Politics? Institute of Opinion 30 October 2014
General Election candidate for Horsham signs County Times Free Speech Charter West Sussex County Times 09 October 2014
Father of two launches bid to be Horsham’s next MP West Sussex County Times 09 July 2014

We have also had a number of letters published in various newspapers, which you can find republished on our news page.