Culture & Media Suggest a change

Re-introduce copyright reforms that allow personal format-shifting of purchased media (for example, from CD to MP3, or for backup purposes)1.

Adopt the “Fair Use” system as a replacement for “Fair Dealing”.

Immediately reduce the term of copyright from “70 years from the end of the calendar year of the author’s death” to two 40 year terms, with a renewal necessary after the first 40 years. Make the necessary preparations for a general case within the World Trade Organization’s Dispute Settlement Body, regarding UK conformity with the Berne Convention).

Lobby for the rest of the world to adopt the same - two 40 years terms - for copyright.


Encourage the Advertising Standards Authority to tighten regulations around the use of pseudo-scientific language and terminology for the promotion of cosmetic, toiletry, food or other products, without sufficient evidence.

Media Retractions

Media outlet retractions should mirror the original article. This covers font size, word count, page space and positioning within the document. If a media outlet does not follow this it will receive a fine from Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

  1. “Copyright exemption for private use: regulations quashed”, Barker Brettell, September 25, 2015.