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It's free? How does that work?

We believe everyone in the UK should be able to take part in building a better democracy, so membership of Something New is completely free. Intead, we ask that you set up a regular donation when you join to help support our costs.

What do I get?

Everything we do is open to all; there is nothing special that members get access to. Instead it's about making a statement, and helping to build a better future. You will need to be a member if you want to stand for election or as a party officer, though.

I'm already a member of the X party, can I join?

We don't mind if you are a member of another party - in fact, we encourage collaboration! Your other party might have a problem with it though; check their rules.

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Easy! Log in to the subscription portal, click subscriptions in the menu, choose your active subscription and then press the cancel button.

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