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Something New

Our old political options are broken, and we need new choices for the 21st century. We are building a new political party that's all about working towards a better future, built on openness, collaboration and the power of the Internet to connect us all.

We started by creating an open manifesto and standing in the 2015 election, but we need your help. If you're in, sign up below.

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Be part of a better future. Be part of Something New.


The future will be amazing, if we work together to build it and make sure progress benefits everyone.


We still put up with politics from the Industrial Revolution. We want to build a democracy for the Network Age instead.


Governance should be transparent and accountable. Policies should be made in the open, and there should be no hiding place for backroom influence.


Our democracy is far from perfect. We can make it better, and one day give everyone a direct voice in how we decide things as a society.


Decisions and policy should be based on sound scientific evidence, and tested so we know if they work. We must make the right long-term decisions, without pandering to tomorrow's headlines.


Civil liberties and human rights are the marks of civilised society. People should be free to act in any way that doesn't harm others.


People should be free from discrimination or harm on the basis of their gender, sexuality, disability, race or religion. The law must treat everyone equally.


Citizens should have a fundamental right to privacy, and should not be monitored by the state or other organisations without good cause.


We must build a 21st century society, based on a sustainable environment, society and economy, for our long-term future.


Everyone on Earth is fundamentally interconnected. We will only fix our biggest problems by working together at a global scale.