Personal Data Usage Policy

Personal Data Usage Policy

We collect and use data about people as part of our campaigning to build a political party, and promote our open approach to democracy.


We collect:

We do not collect this data in all cases. Different subsets of this information are collected if you have:

We also use public data about people in the areas that we campaign in: demographics, total population size, the breakdown by area. We use this to work out how many leaflets to publish, or where to focus targeted advertising.


We use the above data in order to:


We publish all our financial data openly, including donations of all sizes. If you donate, we will ask your permission to include your name in this data; if you withhold that permission, we will leave the donation anonymous in our accounts (unless otherwise required by law). We will not publish personally identifiable data other than the name we agree with you.

We are required by law to disclose personal details of donations over certain amounts to the UK Electoral Commission. The declaration threshold depends on the campaign or election in question.


All our websites use SSL throughout to avoid data being intercepted in transit.

We host our own Discourse server; passwords are encrypted in the database. Usernames and email addresses are stored in plaintext. Access to user data is restricted to site administrators.

Your email address is also held in our voting platform if you have contributed to our manifesto. This email address is taken from your GitHub account when you grant the voting platform permission to access your account.


We use third-party services to manage membership, mailing list and payment data. We do not hold aggregated data from these systems separately.

We do not share personal data with any external organisations other than those named above as part of our service delivery.


To report any misuse of personal data, or to find out what data we hold on you, contact James Smith, our Data Protection Officer, on [email protected].

To suggest improvements to this data usage policy, contact the Data Protection Officer, or submit a pull request directly at