About Us

We’re a new political party, offering a vision of a better democracy. We understand that new parties take a long time to get traction. However, citizens are hungry for new options, for something to inspire them, and for something positive to vote for, and we think we fit into that important gap.

Broad platform

Most minor parties are single-issue, or start that way and often get stuck with that image. That’s not us. From the start we’ve been dedicated to building a broad platform of policies that we believe people will vote for, and we’ve chosen a name that doesn’t pigeonhole us into a particular issue.

A better democracy would perhaps let single-issue platforms make an impact, but that’s not where we are starting from. To make the changes needed, you have to be electable, and that means being seen from the start as a complete package.

New approach

All in all, we think we’re offering something truly new in British politics; a party that wants to create a real alternative, and to truly improve the system. A party that doesn’t want power for its own sake, but a party committed to giving that power back to the citizens of this country.

Income & Expenditure

All of our income and expenditure is published as open data, so that anyone can see them. Visit our finance pages for all the details. The spending schema was design with Spend Network, and can be used by any party, so we would like to encourage others to publish in the same way.

Party Details

We are a political party registered in the UK with the Electoral Commission, with registration number PP2486. You can view our current constitution and financial scheme online.


Registered Address: 14 Greenfinch Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 5HB

Data Protection

We take great care with your personal data. Our personal data usage policy explains what we store and why.