Far from being undemocratic, as Brexit campaigners would have you believe, the EU has a much more democratic system than the UK.

45% elected Parliament 100% elected Parliament
Unrepresentative First-Past-The-Post voting system Voting by Proportional Representation
Executive appointed by leader of the largest party Executive composed of one person from each member state
Executive appointed without oversight Executive subject to approval by democratically elected Parliament
Parliament includes executive members Parliament independent of executive and so better able to hold executive to account
Head of State is hereditary ceremonial role controlled by Government Head of state is selected by democratically elected leaders (Prime Ministers) of each member state
Leader of the executive (Prime Minister) is leader of party receiving the most seats in Parliament under the unrepresentative FPTP voting system Leader of the executive (President of the EU Commission) is proposed by the European Council (elected members of national governments) and voted on by the directly elected European Parliament
Executive can be expanded by the Prime Minister at will by creating new ministerial positions, strengthening Government’s influence over Parliament EU Commission only ever comprises one person from each member state
118 Government Ministers 28 Commissioners
Unelected Lords are appointed by the Prime Minister No power for the head of the EU Commission to appoint members to the EU Parliament

If we were to “take back control” from the EU we would clearly be giving more power to a far inferior democracy. Instead, we should seek to strengthen both the EU’s and the UK’s democratic structures.

Instead of bemoaning the “undemocratic” EU then, we should look closer to home and focus our energy on reform of our own woeful democracy.

Vote Remain, and demand better from the UK.

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