Horsham Suggest a change

Many local policies depend on national policies. If you want to change something here, please check for linked national policies; you might need to change those first.

Council Transparency

We are dedicated to complete transparency at all levels of government, including local councils.

Horsham district council should end its current cabinet system, which allows important decisions to be taken in private by a dominant party, and change back to a system where all councillors can be involved in decision-making.

Gatwick Expansion

We are opposed to expansion of all air travel until it can become carbon neutral. This naturally means we are opposed to the expansion of Gatwick airport in particular.


Our national manifesto bans new fossil fuel extraction in the UK, as the only way to sufficiently reduce emissions from fossil fuels is to leave them in the ground. This means we are opposed to fracking for oil or natural gas, both in the Weald and all across the UK.