Energy Suggest a change

The UK must move to a sustainable and diversified energy future, while safeguarding supply and decreasing dependency on sources of energy in the more volatile areas of the world.


We will decarbonise the electricity supply by 2030, through a combination of renewable generation and new nuclear power (including alternative nuclear generation methods such as Thorium power). Fossil fuel plants will be allowed to operate only if capturing 100% of their carbon emissions using CCS technology.

Green Power for the Public Sector

In order to stimulate the renewable power sector, all public sector organisations and National Infrastructure Organisations will be required to buy as much of their power as possible from zero-carbon sources, with a target to reach 100% as soon as possible.

Buy Back Scheme

Putting in place longer term, fixed rate energy buy back schemes will help the small scale, “do-it-yourself” renewable market flourish.

A longer term fixed rate buy back will also allow more people to get finance for installations on or near their homes.

Remove confusing limitations currently in place about installations not created by accredited organisations to help individuals and small businesses get started.

Simplify buy back rates so that solar, wind, hydro and all other renewable energy sources share the same fixed tariff so as not to discriminate against any one technology.

Fossil Fuel Industry

Forbid new fossil fuel extraction in the UK (such as oil drilling, fracking, or coal mining), except for non-combustion industrial purposes such as production of plastics or pharmaceuticals.

EU Supergrid

Support development of a European and North African supergrid, enabling continent-wide transmission of renewable energy, and the long term energy security of Europe and North Africa. Such a grid would connect British wind, Icelandic geothermal, Nordic hydroelectric, and African solar into a single system which capable of coping with variability in renewable sources.

All non-EU supplies of energy will be minimised and eventually stopped in order to protect the UK from foreign coercion, or from incentivising an expeditionary foreign policy.