Party Alliances


The Whig Party

The Whig Party

"The Whigs are returning to British politics. We are going into the 2015 General Election to provide a fresh choice to the British people, and to show that everyone can get involved in politics. Our campaign will be positive and optimistic, both online and in the streets."
Rebooting Democracy

Rebooting Democracy

"We will move towards a system in which we will use citizens' panels and assemblies instead of politicians, selected in a similar manner to juries, that will use evidence based policy making to work towards the country's short, medium and long term goals."


"Not a party, but a network of candidates who promise to "bring power back to the people at the 2015 general election, through online polls of constituents, fully transparent finances, and binding local referenda on contentious issues."

Join the movement

To make a better future, we need to build alliances, and to pull together a wider movement.

We want to work closely with other parties who share /our values.html. If you want to be an ally, here’s what it means:

  1. On our site, we list any allied parties or independents, with logos on the front page, and a full list here.
  2. On our “how to stand” page, we also list any allied parties. Candidates can choose to dual-ticket with any of them, if they want to.
  3. On our candidates page, we include details of dual-ticketed candidates with the other party listed. We will also suggest that if there isn’t a Something New candidate local to our supporters, that they look at allied parties as well.
  4. We collaborate strongly with allied parties, bringing them into our comms channels and letting them see our organisational plans.
  5. We will share supporter lists where possible, while always respecting our supporters’ privacy and making sure they’re informed

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, and your values match ours, then get in touch to start the discussion!