The EU referendum has exposed deep divisions in the UK. We have to see this for what it is, and start to heal our country. We can only do that through collaboration, understanding, and bridge-building, not further division.

We believe that the future is all about working together, openly, so the “leave” result in the EU referendum was, we feel, a step backwards. However, the vote in England went along fairly clear lines with the majority of the country outside London and other metropolitan areas voting leave.

The vote has exposed division in our country which our governments have failed to deal with. If we believe in working together to build a better future, we need to start healing that division, and make sure we hear the voices from outside our bubble.

I believe that Something New’s priorities right now should be to:

  1. work hard on inclusion, diversity and outreach, to make sure that our vision of the future speaks to a representative cross-section of society
  2. produce clear policy goals in our manifesto that invest in the UK outside London, filling the gap that will be left by the end of EU funding, and making clear that everyone in the UK is valued
  3. extend the manifesto on aspects of reform of the EU, probably aligned with the work of DiEM25 who work for democratic reform across Europe
  4. produce policy that presents a bright future for the UK’s working class as their jobs and security are eroded by new technology (my personal instinct is that we should be solidly recommending a form of basic income)
  5. expand our active membership amongst early adopters; we’ve got a lot to get done and we need help
  6. build alliances and bridges with other parties and organisations, to work together

There’s more, but this is the list that’s sitting in my head right now. Got more priorities? Add them in the comments, and then come and help us shape the future.