Are you frustrated with the current state of politics and democracy in the UK? Do you think we can do it better? Do you think our institutions need fundamental change? Then the future needs you!

If you believe in democracy as we do, then the only way things will change is if people like you get involved, and stand for election. Why not make 2016 the year you put a stake in the ground and tell the world what you stand for?

Something New is looking for candidates for elections through 2016, and we’d love to have you on board. There are a number of elections next year we’d love to take part in if we can find the people:

London Assembly

The biggest democratic event for next year is the London Assembly election. We are unlikely to put up a Mayoral candidate, as the deposit is so very high. However, the election uses the Additional Member System, which means that even if we don’t collect enough votes to win any seats outright, we might be able to collect enough across the capital to get a candidate in from the proportional representation list. Could that be you?

We also need someone local to coordinate our London campaign. It will be a tough job, but if you want to get involved without standing yourself, perhaps that’s a role for you.

Devolved Assemblies

If you’re outside England, of course, you’ve got a big election year as well, as all the devolved assemblies are having elections. If you’d like to stand for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly or Northern Ireland Assembly, we’d love to get involved. After all, England is not the centre of the world.

These would also need campaign coordinators for each one, so there are non-candidate roles that will need filling there too.

Police and Crime Commissioners

May also sees the national elections for Police and Crime Commissioners. Considering the candidates last time round, this one would probably benefit from experience in the area of policing, but anyone can stand. If you care deeply about your local police force, this could be the one for you.

Local Councils

There will also be local council elections at county, district and even parish level all over the country. These are a really good opportunity for people who are strongly connected to their local communities to get involved. If your council has problems with trust and transparency, the Something New pitch could go over really well. There is a real opportunity to start reform at the council level, and we’d love to see people standing locally to start to make these changes.

More and more

There are more elections, including a number of local Mayors across the country, so maybe one of those works better for you. But wherever you are, and at whatever level, we need change, and that will only come by people like you standing up and joining in the process.

And remember, all our policy-making is open and collaborative, so you’ll be able to create the detailed policy for your area; we won’t be telling you what to think.

OK, I’m in!

So, now you’ve decided you’d like to stand, your first step is to get in touch. Come and talk to us in the forum and we’ll take it from there! See you soon!

P.S. we also need designers, writers, volunteers, community managers and any other skills you can offer if we’re going to make this work, so get involved and let’s change the world.