When we formed Something New last year, we did so with the bare minimum of people officially involved. Now though, it’s time to expand and share the load around a bit more.

We’re expanding the official executive team from three up to seven or so, and creating some new posts. I’ll be staying as Party Leader (not following the fashion for resignations), and Paul Robinson will continue as Nominating Officer. Alex, our old Treasurer, is going to Singapore, so will change to Campaigns Officer, which he can continue to do from there.

So, we need some new people:

  • Treasurer: Responsible for reporting financial data to the Electoral Commission, looking after our bank accounts, fundraising, and so on. We publish all our finances openly, so ideally you’d be open to working with technology to try to manage our accounts transparently, rather than just keeping it all in Excel.
  • Community Manager: We’re getting more volunteers daily, and helping them to integrate into the community, find things to do, and become a team is time consuming! We need a community manager to build our volunteers into a functioning team that can get the Something New message out there.
  • Communications Officer: Someone to head up the way we present ourselves to the outside world; creating a great website, talking to the media, and producing viral content that people want to share.

Also we’re creating a Technology Officer post, responsible for looking at the code side of things, like voting apps, data publishing, website technology and manifesto tech. Philip John, a long-time contributor to the OpenPolitics Manifesto and Wordpress developer has agreed to take on this post.

All these posts are voluntary and spare-time positions, but if you’re itching to make a difference to democracy in the UK, we could really do with your help. Sign up on the website if you’re interested!