In Horsham or South West Surrey, it can seem like your vote doesn't have much power. It's overwhelmingly likely that the Conservative Party candidate will win; to pretend otherwise is unrealistic. However, I want to make the case to you that you do have power, and that your vote can count.

I'm standing in this election for Something New; we're a new kind of political party, here to bring British democracy into the 21st century. We want a future where you're in control. We know that the best ideas come from you; that's why our manifesto is unique. It's the only one where you can go to the website, click edit, and put in your own ideas. It's like Wikipedia, but for a vision of a better future.

I'm not standing because I think we will win next week, but because it's important to show that there are new choices out there, and to try to get our ideas out in front of people.

In safe seats like ours, you may not have much direct power, but at least you are free. You don't have to worry about who you let in by not voting for one of the major parties; it's very unlikely that anyone else will take the seat. The media is full of scaremongering trying to get you to vote tactically for the least bad option. Around here, that doesn't really matter.

What you can do is say what you truly want. If you want a new political system that hears your voice, and a democracy fit for the modern world, then a vote for Something New helps us prove that the demand is there and growing, and helps us build for next time when we will be back and growing larger. Also, by stating clearly that you want a new choice, the other parties will have to listen and open themselves up more.

I'm not interested in my deposit; I doubt I'll ever see it again. However, what I do care about is growing a wider movement for a better democracy, and every single vote helps in that mission.

Obviously those are all secondary effects, but they are important. All revolutions start small and grow, and we're right at the beginning. If you think that we need a better democracy in the future, your vote for Something New on May 7th really will make a difference.