Notwestminster 2017

When: Saturday 11 February 2017
Where: Media Centre, Huddersfield

If we want a stronger local democracy, we all need to get involved in making it happen – wherever we are. Notwestminster is about finding the people, ideas and energy we need, so that we can do something practical to improve local democracy where we are.

Three Something New organisers will be attending, and will be running a workshop too:


Exploring Open Source Democracy

In this workshop we’ll learn about open source democracy, with the Open Politics project. We’ll also talk about how democracy and politics will change in the Internet age.

The Open Politics project is a policy creation platform that allows anyone to edit, improve and create policy proposals, with a democratic system around it to make sure everything fits together. We’ll explain how it works, and you’ll have a chance to create policies yourself, or even set up your own version of the system for your community.

We’ll start with a short introduction, then move on to sharing policy ideas. Participants will then turn these ideas into solid policy proposals and add them into the Open Politics system. Alternatively, you might like to explore how to create a brand new open source policy platform for your own projects.