Over The Air

When: Friday 25 November 2016
Where: St. John’s Hoxton, London
Website: overtheair.org
Transcript: somethingnew.sayit.mysociety.org

James Smith spoke at Over The Air, the popular technology conference, about open source democracy.

During the event, James was also interviewed by Documentally for the event coverage; you can listen to the interview on Audioboom:

Talk Description

We are building a networked society, a change potentially as significant as the industrial revolution, and with technological change comes social change. We need to keep iterating our democracy to allow us to make decisions together in an ever more connected world, we need new political choices that reflect those ideals, and we all need to build them together. This talk will cover experiments in open source democracy, experience of standing in the 2015 general election, and the way ahead for a new political movement built around openness.