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Meet Jessie Macneil-Brown

On June 11th Stepney Green in Tower Hamlets is electing a new Councillor in a by-election.

I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets for 10 years and I’m fed up of the infighting between Labour and Tower Hamlets First. Instead of corruption and ego politics I want to see a focus on delivering for local people.

I’ve never been a politician but I want to fight town hall corruption and make sure residents have a strong voice with developers like Crossrail. I want Rent Control and investment in truly affordable housing that local people can afford. I want the best education for local young people and an end to the racial profiling we see with the police and ticket inspectors.

Who is Jessie?

Jessie is a senior campaigner for an international human rights NGO. She has also been a local activist helping people stand up to Crossrail. Jessie’s never been in politics before we think she’s just the sort of person who ought to be.

What will Jessie fight for?

How can you support Jessie?